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RTE 1.00 What are you waiting for?Get the information you need to prepare for the perfect Irish class.RTE 1,000: Irish class, history and moreThe class you’ve been waiting for!This course covers the Irish history, culture and society.It includes history, geography, the arts, music, architecture and theatre.You’ll be asked to reflect on your life and career,…

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RTE 1.00 What are you waiting for?

Get the information you need to prepare for the perfect Irish class.RTE 1,000: Irish class, history and moreThe class you’ve been waiting for!

This course covers the Irish history, culture and society.

It includes history, geography, the arts, music, architecture and theatre.

You’ll be asked to reflect on your life and career, as well as on the life of your ancestors.

You will study the great Irish leaders, such as Henry VIII and Queen Elizabeth.

You will also learn about the role of women in Ireland, and how their lives have shaped the country today.

Rte 2.00 How to start teaching in Ireland?

If you’re considering teaching in Northern Ireland, then this is the perfect course for you.

Rten 1.30 How to teach in Ireland: A guide to all aspects of teaching and learning from an expert.

The course is divided into six modules:1.

Introduction to Irish history and culture.2.

Culture and life in Ireland during the 17th and 18th centuries.3.

Irish and international relations.4.

Modern Irish life.5.

Irish language and history.6.

Cultural, political and social issues.

Rtg 2.20 Irish history: a journey through time.

This is the most comprehensive Irish history course available in Ireland.

You learn about Ireland’s history, including its cultural and historical legacy.

You also learn the history of the country, as Ireland has changed significantly since its foundation in 1921.

You study the history and current affairs of the Irish Republic.

Rtn 2.50 How to write Irish: A practical approach to writing Irish.

This is a practical introduction to writing a novel and to writing poetry.

You write a short story based on Irish history.

You also learn how to set up a novel in your own native language.

Rtm 3.30 The Irish language: the official language of Ireland.

This course will give you a better understanding of Irish as an Irish language, and also give you the ability to write your own stories in English.

You can study Irish with the help of a translator, and then write your novel in English to help you improve.

Rtg 4.00 Introduction to the Irish language.

This class will cover the Irish dialect and its many different words and phrases.

You learn the basic Irish words and expressions, as you study the grammar and syntax of the language.

You may also choose to learn some Irish phrases, such the ‘s’ word for ‘yes’.

You may then learn to write out your own version of these words, which can help you write more effectively.

Rttg 5.00 History and politics in Ireland for a modern Irish reader.

This course will teach you about the history, politics and social changes that have shaped Ireland.

Topics include the history in the Irish diaspora, the social and economic changes in the country between 1916 and 2010, and current issues such as the Brexit referendum.

You read the papers of politicians and government ministers, as they discuss and debate current issues in Ireland’s political and economic life.

Rti 6.00 Irish cinema and TV history.

This programme will give a history of Irish cinema, from the 1930s to the present day.

It covers the rise of the first Irish television series in the 1940s and the rise in popularity of Irish films, TV and film-making in the 1950s.

You watch movies such as The Irish Film, The Irish Star and The Irish Troubles.

You can read and discuss Irish history on television, with a guide to the films and series you have seen.

Rtsg 7.00 Learn the Irish music scene and its roots in the 1920s and 1930s.

This module gives you a good introduction to the music of the 1920’s and 1930’s, from a number of sources.

You discover the role played by the likes of O’Neill and Glynn in the music scene, as the Irish jazz scene became hugely popular in the United Kingdom during the early to mid 1930s and as popular Irish pop stars such as Mary Ann and Glyn Mormont gained popularity.

You watch Irish pop music, from jazz to gospel, with the aid of a guide on the history behind the music.

Rte 8.00 The Irish film and TV world of the 1960s and 1970s.

This module provides an overview of the history surrounding the Irish film industry, with an emphasis on the films of the 1950’s and 1960’s.

You see how the Irish films were produced and distributed by studios in England, Scotland and Ireland, as opposed to Hollywood studios in Los Angeles and London.

You meet key figures in the film industry including producers and actors, as and when you need them.

You take part in discussions on the various films produced, the major issues involved in making them, and the social issues surrounding them.

Rtl 9.00 Introductory Irish literature and culture, written by a leading Irish writer and historian.

You get to know the


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