What is insurance marketing?

What is Insurance Marketing?As an insurance marketing expert, I often have people ask me, “What is insurance?” There are a few common responses: 1.“Insurance is the insurance industry.”2.“Most insurance companies offer an insurance plan.”3.“[Insurance] is for your protection.”4.[Insurance covers] medical expenses.6. “…you need to get your insurance policy.”6.“‘Insurance’ is the word used to describe how a…

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What is Insurance Marketing?

As an insurance marketing expert, I often have people ask me, “What is insurance?”

 There are a few common responses: 1.

“Insurance is the insurance industry.”


“Most insurance companies offer an insurance plan.”


“[Insurance] is for your protection.”


[Insurance covers] medical expenses.

6. “

…you need to get your insurance policy.”


“‘Insurance’ is the word used to describe how a company sells products and services.”


(This last one is actually true, but I will talk about it in a minute.)


 “The insurance industry has a long history of marketing and selling things to the public.”


The answer to this last question is: 1) Yes, it is the industry.

2) No, it isn’t.

3) I’m not sure how it fits into the insurance world.

4) I don’t know if the industry is a good fit for you.

5) You are probably not an insurance broker.

6) No. 7) “You have to get a policy.

That’s what insurance is for.”

8) No. 9) You are not entitled to the insurance that insurance is sold with.

10) Insurance offers are expensive and are usually for the purpose of providing a financial benefit to the individual.

11) It’s a privilege and an advantage that is provided to the insured person through the insurance plan.

12) Yes, that’s right, it’s a premium.

13) Insurance companies have a financial incentive to keep you insured.

14) Insurance premiums are paid by the insured.

That means you pay insurance premiums and you receive benefits.

15) But how much is insurance?

The simple answer is, it depends.

There are three ways to answer this question.



Insurers can charge a lot for insurance.

Some insurers have policies that are priced to cover the costs of care, or they charge you premiums that cover a certain portion of your cost of care.

These policies can cover more of your expenses than just the costs associated with your treatment, such as medical bills.

This type of insurance is commonly referred to as high risk insurance.

The typical policy will cover your costs for the hospitalization and/or emergency room visits, but will not cover the treatment of any chronic condition.

If you have a chronic illness, such a high risk policy could cover up to 25% of the medical expenses associated with the condition.2.)


This type of high risk, high risk is called “excess” insurance.

This insurance is typically available to low income or low income-disabled people.

It will not pay for all of the treatment and/ or medical expenses that you incur while you are receiving care.

This policy will typically cover more than your total medical costs, so your out-of-pocket expenses will not be covered.

This option may be better for people with severe or chronic conditions, but it may not be for people who have limited ability to manage their health and/ and are less able to pay for treatment.

It is a less expensive option for people in higher income brackets.

When you have more than one insurance plan, you have to determine which policy will pay for the most expenses.

If you are on high risk and excess insurance, you should be sure to choose a plan that is a great value for your health.

A typical high risk premium is $1,500 or $2,000 per month.

An example of a high quality insurance plan that pays for more than 25% is HealthPartners, which has policies with annual coverage that cover at least 25% and can cover all of your medical expenses.

Another option is HealthFirst, which is also a great insurance option if you are in a high income bracket.

HealthFirst’s policies will cover all medical expenses, including the hospitalizations and//or outpatient visits.

You can find out how much the healthiest plan is at the HealthPartner website.

What about the cost of your insurance?

Insurance companies will charge you a percentage of the total premium that you pay.

For example, if your insurance is $2.50 per month, the insurance company will deduct the cost that you have paid to insure your policy.

Depending on your income, this could amount to a percentage or even a flat rate.

Do I need a medical test?

If your insurance costs more than $1.00 per month and you are uninsured, you will likely have to have a medical exam.

Your doctor will likely need to make an appointment for a physical exam.

This can be


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